Monday, August 20, 2012

How To Pick Up A Guy On A Local Laundromat

Want to learn how to pick up a guy on your local laundry mat?  Let our sassy college girl Michelle teach you how.

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In this edition of collegegirlsknowhow, I'm gonna tell you how to pick up a guy at your local laundry mat. So first, you wanna take a look at what you're wearing coz you dont wanna have any pockets. Why you ask? Because you dont have any money. This way you can scrub out the guy you want and you go ahead and ask, "Do you have any quarters? It seems I forgotten mine and I need to you know, start my load." And then fishing around, Oh look at that, no soap. Can I borrow some? You know I need to wash my clothes; I can't have them all dirty. And then you cant be spontaneous, puzzle and be creative in there because you want them to look at what you have and you dont wanna have any kind of grainy panties in there. As well, "Oh wait! What are those lttle sticky things that you need that you know don't make everything sticks together like your panties?" Just go on over and be like, "Well I need one of those because I dont want any of my panties stick in together." They will totally understand. And that's how you get a guy at the laundro mat in this edition of collegegirlsknowhow.

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