Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Emily's Tips On How To Become A Good Campus Photographer

Want to know how to become a good campus photographer? Check out Emily's tips below!

Welcome to my on-campus photo studio. I've take photos of the hottest girls here in campus. You know why? Because it's the bait for the hottest guys. I take pictures of blondes, brunettes, dirty blondes, flat blondes, all of the model tall beautiful type girls here in campus. And then the hottest guys come. So I become their photographer too. It's so fun and easy and I get the first glance and look at the hottest guys here in campus. And pretty soon, they'll want my number and they start talking to me and wanting to know what I'm doing but I'm just looking at them and having a great time photographing them. It's the best job ever! 

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Watch full video below:

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