Monday, August 6, 2012

How To Get A Guy In A Party

How to get a guy in a party? Checkout below and find out how! 

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Hi! Here is the edition of college girls know how. I'm gonna tell you how to get a guy at a party. At the party, nobody wants to see girls sitting and dying there at the corner. You wanna be participating in games, you wanna be lively and snoring and getting the party going. And on top of that, you also dont want to be the loud one yelling at the party because everybody is drunk. You wanna be calm and speaking in a nice tone. Dont wanna really know you're secretly wasted and you dont wanna be the one joggling a beer because nobody wants to see the beer dripping down on your chin and all that nastiness. You wanna be a seminarian like a lady like way and then you can also play the tails or the jackstone. You know that kegs are a hard to pump? When you're sitting there, going and trying and its not working, just stare over at the guy and be like, "Can you help me? This is really hard." And he'll come over and you start a conversation. And that's how you get a guy on this edition of collegegirlsknowhow.

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