Friday, August 10, 2012

Foods For Naughty Girls

There are food that can make you feel naughty.  Learn more about it straight from our hot college girl Sarah.

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Hey! I'm gonna give you some tips on food that will make you feel naughty. Let's go with the first obvious one, strawberries. I'm not saying you're always gonna find the biggest of strawberries like i have but no matter what size, it can be a lot of fun. You're gonna wash them first, I've already done that and you wanna cut the top off, slice it on the middle. You know, multiplying the amount of strawberries that you have and this can be use for many different purposes. They can be use to turn somebody on, just by eating them or wanting more than turning that person on like you wanna play. Well, just like your mind wonder. If you wanna spice up the strawberries style, we have hot fudge. All you have to do with this, put it in a microwave and it will heat up. Pour it down, drizzle it on top of whatever you want, tip the strawberries at wherever you want and you know go free and play. Another obvious one, the banana. Let's not be too dirty in explaining why but you could peel it out right down in the middle, slice it up and these are also really good in chocolate. I doubt if everybody tried salsa. If you're a little spicy, lookin' up to spice up the love life, salsa is amazing. I tried them myself. Have you ever drizzle on the skin? I didn't think so. Try it tonight, see how it makes you sizzle!

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