Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How To Get A Guy In Your Campus Library

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Hi! Here in this edition of College Girls Know How , I'm gonna tell you how to get a guy in your campus library. So, It's a new day and you just learned a hard lesson. You're at a library and you don't really know what's going on, you're flipping through your book and you're kinda shuggling. So you wanna make that obvious because of course you wanna get his attention. So you're looking through and you know you had a grab in your head a little bit, you're tapping your foot, you're making that obvious. Next thing you'll know, he's gonna turn around and ask you, "What's the matter?" And you say, you know I really don't understand this lesson. I could really use your help. And of course, he's gonna come over and help you, I mean what guy wouldn't help a damsel in distress? So he's gonna hop over on the next sit and maybe even you know, knob sit to you a liitle bit and you're gonna learn the lesson. So you may really know the lesson and you're just gonna give him the benefit of the doubt pretend that he's teaching you. And then you're gonna pretend that you nailed the lesson, you got all excited that you know it and then you're gonna thank him. And then you're gonna suggest, "Oh maybe we should do this on a regular basis." And then you're gonna exhange numbers and set up a weekly thing so he can tutor you. And that's how you get a guy in this edition of college girls know how.

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