Friday, September 21, 2012

Sexy College Girl Sarah On How To Deal With Your Boyfriend Being Away For The Summer

Attention pretty and hot college girls!  Is your boyfriend away for the summer?  Checkout our sexy college girl Sarah's awesome video below!

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Well it's summertime and I'm at my parent’s house. So I'm trying to keep busy learning how to cook a little bit healthy food instead of getting Chinese takeout every night. Garlic, salt to add some little spice. I'm not really a cook, I'm just trying to keep myself busy because my boyfriend's still at school for the summer and it's really, really boring. If you wanna know how to deal with your boyfriend being at school for the summer, all you have to do is to listen to me. You're gonna want to keep up with him on Facebook. You're gonna want to keep your tab on what he’s doing to make sure that nothing's going on behind your back. And I'm pretty gut strong if you know what I mean but keeping it low key. If you see a picture you don't like, you're not gonna freak out and call him right away. You'll probably gonna wanna keep it cool, maybe go out tonight, maybe look really good and maybe take a picture he might not wanna see. is America's online home for massage oil, lingerie and even things  a liittle more adventurous. Right now get 50% OFF on most ANY ITEM. That's 50% OFF plus 3 Bonus DVDs and a FREE Mystery Gift and if you act now, you'll get FREE Discreet Shipping on your ENTIRE ORDER. Just enter Offer Code COED at the checkout at That's Offer Code COED at the checkout at

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