Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sexy College Girls - No To Nice Guys!

In the earlier days, nice guys are the perfect boyfriends.  Yet, why college girls now do not like nice guys?  Well, there are a some reasons how come these sexy college girls choose the bad ones than the softest guys in the university.

We asked some sexy coeds on a few colleges and asked them how come they don't like nice guys. Majority of them stated that nice guys are...

...too dominant
...get jealous always
...generally dictators
...they want you to be nice too

So what if you are bad or you belong to those rather hot college girls that chooses bad involvements to make their college life more exhilarating.  Well, everybody have their personal tastes.  Just think about it this way - - no one is perfect.  Thus, if you happen to encounter a nice guy, consider that they as well bear a naughty side that could be more alluring than any other guys.

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